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Dear Builder,

To celebrate our new palette, and our newly discovered, Deep-Sea elements from ATLANTIS, we have decided that all Design byME sets with a value of more than 50 USD, will receive FREE shipping from & including Monday the 19th, till Sunday the 25th of April.

We currently ship to 23 countries across the planet, so in case you won’t order from the United States, below you will find your Promo. Code, plus the minimum set-value in your currency:

Country - Min. set-value - Promo. code

Norway - 370,00 NOK - NORW

If you have a model that meets the above requirement, here’s how to get your FREE shipping:

- Place your order on, or between 19th and 25th of April
- On page 2 of “CHECKOUT” (“Payment”), you must enter your Promo. Code (found above) in the “Catalogue/Promo Code:” field.

We hope you will have lots of fun designing your own LEGO set :)

Best wishes & Happy Buliding :)

The LEGO Design byME Team

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