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Her er en tilbakemelding fra Powered Up-teamet etter at de har fått mye tilbakemeldinger fra rundt i verden :)

Dear AFOLs and Powered Up users,
First of all, we want to thank you for being AFOLs and users of Powered Up. Your feedback is always
highly valued and vital to our future roadmap and vision of LEGO® Powered Up.
The LEGO® Powered Up app has a wide spectrum of users. From kids using the app as a remote
control for their LEGO trains, bat mobile, or their own creations, to really technical users building
amazingly advanced LEGO models, and everyone in between.
We aim to please the entire spectrum of users, without forcing anyone into a one-size-fits-all. We aim
to lower the floor so that kids can easily get started with the app. We aim to widen the walls and
offer different ways of coding and controlling LEGO models. We aim to raise the ceiling to remove
limits for our most advanced users.
This means that when we launch something new, it isn’t always for everyone. Lately, we have
launched a few very advanced features (Handset and LPF1 support). We realize that these are way
too advanced for kids, but this is not for them – yet. These features is our way of trying to raise the
ceiling and making new things possible with the app. In time, we will work on making these features
more user-friendly and eventually usable by kids as well.
This does not mean that we have forgotten the kids. We are constantly trying to improve the
usability of the app allowing kids to be explorative and creative. For the kids, we are focusing on
making the app easier to use. Lately, we have begun the redesign of the overall user interface. This
redesign is the first step in making the app easier and more intuitive for kids to use. And, more kidfocused updates are coming in the future.
On a final note, Powered Up’s primary purpose is two-fold. On the one side, we aim to make the
Powered Up app the intersection for all connected LEGO play experiences. This means that we aim
to support hardware from all connected LEGO play products, new and old, in one way or another,
and make sure you can code and control them using the Powered Up app. On the other side, the
Powered Up app is a creative tool that lets LEGO builders of all ages make their LEGO models come
to life. Whether it is controlling or coding, we want to provide a tool that enables creativity. Your
creativity. We want you to know that we listen to you. In the Powered Up team, we are constantly
working on improvements and additions of new features.
The last Powered Up update may not have been exactly what you wanted, but it has brought joy to
others. Maybe the next update will be right up your alley.
Lastly, we want to let you know that we have heard your wish for better documentation. We are
working on several ways to make the Powered Up app easier to use and documentation, help, and
support for users of all skill levels are a top priority of ours.
Thank you for being the best fans in the world – stay AWESOME!
Lots of love from the Powered Up team!

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